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Thanks to our kind and generous sponsors for providing the following benefits to members of Tri Zones Training.

White Paper Designs

White Paper Designs is a photography, graphics, and web design company. Trizones.com was designed by White Paper Designs.
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Performance Wellness

Dr. Chris Sellers & Dr. Brandie Leach are chiropractors in Austin that specialize in sports chiropractic care. Their goal is to restore and maintain our patients health by offering safe and natural healing. They treat individuals who are seeking non-surgical, drug-free treatment for pain and injury, and they offer solutions for individuals who want to prevent injury and enjoy a lifetime of activity.
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Lane Four Swim Shop

Fantastic shop with all kinds of swim gear.
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Jack and Adam's

Complete triathlon and bike shop with the most courteous and friendly staff in town.
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Makers of the famous NeatSeat -- a microfiber seat covering so you don't ruin your car seats after a workout.
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Foundations Footwear, Inc. -- Bill Stone, C.Ped.

Bill is the go-to guy for any running shoe problems.
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Skeese Greets

Greeting Cards for the Athletically Minded.

New and unique cards for cyclists, runners and triathletes. Choose from birthday, holiday, good luck, thank you, and congratulation cards all specifically designed for athletes and the athletically minded.

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Greenling is everything you ever wanted in a grocery company. We bring you Local food and Organic food fresher than you can get in the grocery store, for about the same price, delivered to your door for FREE! You can trust what you get from Greenling to be the best food anywhere.
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Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Technologies is a company based in Austin, Texas that has established itself as a life enhancing brand, concentrating on empowering people with its revolutionary methodologies and patented products that mirror the feeling of a human hand.

It has successfully become one of the leaders in personal performance care by marketing its in-home therapy technology to consumers in the athletic, health care and personal wellness markets. It is a multi-channel company that provides a broad selection of information, media, products...

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PureSport Perfomance Drinks

Human Performance Labs (HPL) develops superior nutritional performance sports drinks with protein for athletes of all types, from world class professionals to club sport amateurs and weekend warriors.

Created by Dr. John Ivy, renowned Chairman of Health and Kinesiology at the University of Texas at Austin, PureSport Workout and PureSport Recovery formulas (patent pending) nutritionally enhance the human body's performance during and after strenuous athletic activity.

Learn more about PureSport's nutritional performance sports drinks with...

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